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Agassiz Christian School
7571 Morrow Road
Agassiz, BC
V0M 1A2



Math Teacher Langley

Judy de Waal


English Teacher - Agassiz Christian School

Jennifer Neudorf

Preschool Director

Christian Teacher - Grade 3 and 4

Karen Bruneski

Administrative Assistant

Teaching Staff

ACS Logo

Brooke Driesen

Teacher, Kindergarten/Grade 1

Christian Teacher - ACS

Kate Wouda

Teacher, Grade 2/3, 4/5

ACS Logo

Kathleen De Wolde

Teacher, Grade 4/5

Teacher At Chilliwack and Abbotsford

Melanie Victor

Teacher, Music

ACS Logo

Melissa Sache

Teacher, Grade 2/3

Grade 1 and 2 Teacher School

Simon Braun

Teacher, Grade 6/7

Educational Assistants

Teacher at ACS

Amy Lagemaat

Educational Assistant

ACS Logo

Brenda Peters

Educational Assistant

Art Teacher Langley

Christina Timmers

Educational Assistant

ACS Logo

Erin Goosen

Office assistant

Teacher At Langley and Abbotsford

Natasha Timmins

Educational Assistant, Preschool Assistant

Teacher At Agassiz Christian School

Sara Jarvis

Educational Assistant

ACS Logo

Steven Giesbrecht

Educational Assistant

Support Staff

ACS Logo

Garth Aveyard

Bus Driver