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A thriving community involves great communication. At ACS it is important to us that each member of our ACS family feels connected, cared for and supported.

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Hot Lunch

Lunch - Hotdogs

At ACS we’re pleased to offer a hot lunch program once a month. We are now using the MunchaLunch system to collect and process lunch orders. Orders can be paid for online with Visa or Mastercard, pre-paid credit card or visa debit. Cash or cheque may be dropped off at the school.

If you are looking for a way to do some parent volunteering at ACS, we are always in need of volunteers for this program (from planning and preparing, to distributing the lunches). Please contact the school office for more details.


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Have you seen or heard something that concerns you? Is someone or something bothering you or your friends at school?

The erase|Report tool lets you send a secure, anonymous and confidential message to your school or school district’s safe school coordinator, who will follow up on it right away.


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Our library is full of great books and resources. Check out what adventures await by using the Destiny Library catelogue.

Covid Policy

Our students continue to discover, grow and thrive, even in the midst of a continuing pandemic with current COVID-19 protocols and guidelines.

Here is a brief outline of those protocols:

Learning groups, or cohorts, and the requirement of physical distancing are no longer mandated by the Ministry. Buddies, across all grades, and more collaboration, sharing of projects, and combined PE will be allowed to happen this year.

To minimize high congestion of traffic at our side door entrance, we are going to continue the practice of using several doors as entrance and exit doors. The K-1 students will continue to enter and exit the building through the “garden” doors and the 2/3 class will continue to enter by the gym door. This year, the 4/5 and 6/7 students will use the “field” doors as their entrance and exit point. Students will no longer be using the front doors as an entrance point.

  • Our school will be a mask-friendly environment, in which the personal choice of individuals and families will be respected. 
  • Masks are not required for students and staff.
  • Staff and students can continue to bring personal items to school, but they should be encouraged to only bring items that are necessary for school (backpacks, water bottles, extra clothing, etc.)
  • We will be spacing out student storage cubbies and, as much as possible, leaving an empty cubby space between each student’s personal space.
  • Personal items should be labelled to discourage accidental sharing.

It is the parent’s responsibility to assess their children daily before sending them to school. Students, staff or other adults should stay home when sick, as this is one of the most important ways to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in schools.

If students or staff develop symptoms while at school, they will be quarantined immediately and sent home as soon as possible. The spaces with which they have come in contact will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Our school medical health officer will also be informed of any COVID-type symptoms that we encounter, and be ready to advise us of any further actions to be taken. Please keep your children at home if you are at all in question of their good health.

  • Vaccination is still the most important and effective tool to stop the pandemic as immunizations protect communities and thus protect children

Rigorous hand washing with plain soap and water is the most effective way to reduce the spread of illness. Hand washing will be encouraged upon school entry and before and after breaks, before and after eating and drinking, after using the washroom and before using frequently-shared equipment. Students may bring their own hand sanitizer or soap if they have very sensitive skin. Hand sanitizer will also be available when soap and water are not available.

Students should perform hand hygiene:

  • When they arrive at school
  • Before and after any breaks (e.g. Recess and lunch)
  • Before and after eating and drinking
  • Before using frequently-shared equipment
  • After going to the washroom
  • After sneezing or coughing into hands
  • Whenever hands are visibly dirty

Individual food and beverages are not to be shared. 

Birthday treats and hot lunches are allowed.

There is currently no evidence that COVID-19 is transmitted in playground environments. All students may play where they feel comfortable, and they may choose to play with children who are not at their grade level. Masks are not required during outside play.

Our school will undergo its regular (and stellar) cleaning and disinfecting every day after school.

Frequently-touched surfaces will also be cleaned mid-day.

  • Parents and visitors are welcome at school this year.
  • All adults, other than staff, must check in at the office to sign in before proceeding through the school, providing us with their name, contact information and confirmation that they are healthy.
  • Parent volunteers are once again welcome. Please contact your child’s classroom teacher to see how you can be involved in the classroom. If you are volunteering at the school, you will need to have a current criminal record check. Please check with the office if you have any questions about obtaining a criminal record check.

Chapel is a key part of what makes us Agassiz Christian School, and this year we are allowed to have all-school chapels. Parents are also allowed and invited to attend our chapels. Chapels will usually be on alternating Fridays from 8:20 – 8:45 a.m.

PE will take place as usual.

Changing before and after PE (wearing a PE strip) will be left up to personal choice, unless personal hygiene becomes a problem.

The BC Government has mandated a 100% return to in-school learning. Like every year, students who are registered in “brick and mortar” schools are expected to attend school in person, unless they are sick.

I know there are differing views surrounding COVID-19. But I also know that we are a community and that, as a part of that community, we all work together to care for each other. Thank you for doing your part to keep our school open and our students and staff safe.